It’s Time to Dredge the Channel for 2016 Boating Season!

DSC_1942 copyYou can see from the most recent hydrographic survey (see below March 24 blog post) conducted by the Corps of Engineers that our channel at the East End of the Taylors Creek is predictably shoaling. The Corps has advised that the best way to keep this channel open and navigable is to perform annual maintenance dredging.

For the foreseeable future, shallow draft dredging projects will require creative funding strategies that will include private contributions. If the east end of the channel is to be kept open then we, the boaters, will need to continue to participate in underwriting the cost. We all realize that keeping the Taylors Creek East Channel open is important – for convenience and safety!

We ask that make your contribution to FOTCA today to dredge the East Taylors Creek Channel in time for the 2016 boating season.

Thank you!

Friends of Taylors Creek Access


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