Thank You 2015 and 2016 Donors!

Thanks to generous support of the 2015 & 2016 individuals donors to Friends of Taylors Creek Access, this project got off the ground and paved the way for 2017 100% public funding for keeping the East Taylors Creek Channel open and navigable!

2016 Corporate Donors – Thank you!
Bucky and Wendi Oliver, Front Street Village, The BoatHouse, Beaufort, NC
J. M. Davis Industries, Inc, Morehead City, NC
L & P Connection, LLC, Beaufort, NC
Carteret Foot & Ankle Specialist, PC, Morehead City, NC
Kurtis Chevrolet, Inc, Morehead City, NC
NC Motors and Controls, Inc, Bailey, NC
(your corporation’s name here!)

2016 Individual Donors – Thank you!
Lenore Meadows, Eddy Myers Real Estate, Beaufort, NC
Pam Valente, United Yacht Sales, Newport, NC
Ray and Allyson Edwards, Greenville, NC
Andrew Gibson, Red Springs, NC
Everett Knight, Jacksonville, NC
Stan Breakell, Roanoke, VA
Virginia H. Costlow, Beaufort, NC
Charles Maloy, Littleton, CO
Sidney Weaver, Perryville, MO
Howard Hink, Raleigh, NC
Ken Etheridge, Morehead City, NC
Larry Spears, Roanoke Rapids, NC
R Hunter Chadwick, Jr., Beaufort, NC
Karl E Andersen, Greenville, NC
Bill and Tiffany Clark, Tarboro, NC
Mark Jeffers, New Bern, NC
Richard deButts, Beaufort, NC
Chad Loflin, Kernersville, NC
Rod and Jan Evans, Kinston, NC
Harold D and Jody J Brashear, Goldsboro, NC
C. Ashley and Margaret Davis, Raleigh, NC
Wallace A and Linda M Kennedy, Beaufort, NC
W Windburn and Joan C King, Beaufort, NC
Christopher K. Cole, Morehead City, NC
Gregory S. Ireland, Chesapeake, VA
Tom Williamson, Jr, Burlington, NC
Dave McRae, Greenville, NC
Lynn W. Eury, Raleigh, NC
Mike Choate, Jacksonville, NC
Trent Ragland, Raleigh, NC
Timothy Moore, Seven Springs, NC
Neal Stetson, Newport, NC
David Upchurch, Durham, NC
R G Tilghman, Richmond, VA
Edward Robbins, Morehead City, NC
Graham Clements, Raleigh, NC
Robert A Team, Jr, Lexington, NC
Kenneth M Atkins, Wake Forest, NC
Daniel J Herko, Lewisville, NC
Nick Weaver, Goldsboro, NC
Clara Safrit Wade, Raleigh, NC
Bedford Smith, Beaufort, NC
Richard Wilkins, Morehead City, NC
Thomas D Higgins, III, Beaufort, NC
Bedford Smith, Beaufort, NC
Kenneth and Sheila Link, Newport, NC
Parks Freeze, High Point, NC
Dale Harmelink, Beaufort, NC
William J Arendhorst, Durham, NC
John and Patsy Wyatt, Charlotte, NC
Doris Strickland, Warsaw, NC
Chris Davis, Southern Pines, NC
Edythe Poyner, Raleigh, NC
William Mauney, Durham, NC
Carter and Susan Keller, Sanford, NC
Maryanne and Terence Frank, Morehead City, NC
J. Marvin Utley, III, Durham, NC
Jimmie A Page, Beaufort, NC
C. Hamilton Sloan, Morehead City, NC
Leonard and Sarah Jo Safrit, Beaufort, NC
Jerry Stone, Beaufort, NC
John Kincheloe, Rocky Mount, NC
Bruce and Gwynne Chadwick, High Point, NC
Frederick A Frohbose, Rocky Mount, NC
Phillip Taylor, Parkton, NC
Ruben and Angie Carbonell, Garner, NC
George and Page Littlewood, Durham, NC
Ann and Don Etheridge, Morehead City, NC
Doug Williams, Martinsville, VA
Jim Elliott, Beaufort, NC
David E Riley, III, Beaufort, NC
Jeff and Kathy Vinton, Beaufort, NC
Larry and Rachel High, Chapel Hill, NC
Richard Thomas, Beaufort, NC
Andy and Sharon Birmingham, Beaufort, NC
Billy and Carla Maness, Troy, NC
Roger Smith, Raleigh, NC
Jeffrey Thompson, Clayton, NC
Anna and John Shearer, Clifton, VA
Glenn and Carolyn Griffin, Red Oak, NC
Anne and Chris Siegel, Beaufort, NC
Thurman Grove, Raleigh, NC
Len Gibbs, Morehead City, NC
Charles Beatty, Winterville, NC
Carl and Mary Catherine Turner, Greenville, NC
Peter and Jean Williams, Raleigh, NC
Joe Archie, New Bern, NC
Richard Rose, Rocky Mount, NC
Nancy Church, Beaufort, NC
Margaret Cooke, Greenville, NC
Peggy Kring, Raleigh, NC
Bradley Klenz, Raleigh, NC
Lisa L Daley and H Mark Daley,III, Raleigh, NC
David L and Valerie P Cozart, Raleigh, NC
Anne Eastman, Morehead City, NC
William Bissett, Southern Pines, NC
Wells Barker, Beaufort, NC
Ray Revels, Rock Hill, SC
Ray Revels III, Rock Hill, SC


(your name here!)

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